Madras Accountancy, as a trusted CPA outsourcing service in India, serves full-fledged service to most of the US Accounting firms in India. We assist US firms with our complete set of services such as monthly bookkeeping, tax preparation, audit and assurance, internal audits, payroll management with specialized, highly skilled professionals.

In this current trend of globalization where we are moving towards the technology-filled world, the method and process involved in running a business have a new meaning. More than hiring extra staff in the company, outsourcing our needs, requirements, and business processes make a huge difference nowadays, and that also helps us to reach the best available services in the market. 


Mainly when it comes to accounting and financial firms, most of the companies including all foreign firms such as the US, Canada and all over the world, regardless of their business sizes, prefer to outsource their accounting processes for their better timely implementation as well as efficient management of their finances. Below are the accounting services offered by Madras Accountancy to file US tax returns from India and help them to attain their goals effectively.


Bookkeeping and General accounting services:

Some of the reputed US accounting firms are reaping benefits from Madras Accountancy to maintain one of the main tasks of the day to day updates, called bookkeeping. We will help our clients with our set of services that involves preparing and maintaining up to date bookkeeping and monthly or quarterly accounting management systems. We are always keen to organize the books according to the country’s standards and also by taking input from the clients. We provide all bookkeeping Services such as 


●       Outsource General Bookkeeping

●       Financial Statements Preparation

●       Outsource Accounts Reconciliation 

●       Outsource Inventory Recording Analysis, and so on. 


Cash Forecasting :

We analyze the cash requirement of our clients business in corrective measures and also forecast their futuristic plans for their business needs, which make them relieved, such as time-saving, anticipating the potential risk, and improving the financial position of the company: better managerial decision making, accurate analyzation and better optimization of the available resources.


Tax Planning and Returns: Outsourcing to our CPA will make them attain good investment and financial decisions. We help our clients with their tax planning and returns by assisting the clients in making their essential periodic income tax that needs to be done; sales tax as well as other returns.


Preparation of Financial statements: We also focus on maintaining the firm’s financial statements to achieve better management and an adequate outflow of the work. We enhance your business with our services by preparing the annual accounts of the company and preparing schedules ready that are needed for the yearly statutory audit purposes.



 We take care of your payroll management as follows:

● Monthly payroll preparation – with all statutory and business-relevant deductions as needed.

● As per the statutory laws such as income tax, PF, and professional tax, etc., we will make sure to deduct all amounts accordingly.

● Our professional staff will review the Form 16 carefully and file quarterly returns for e-TDS without fail.

● We will collect the TDS amount and deposit in your account, providing proof of stake.

● We have a core team that will be looked into redressal if any issues happen.

● We record all details quarterly, with books of accounts including statutory and tax deductions and reconciliation of payments.