Founded by CPA Balaji Manohar in 2015, Madras Accountancy has built a strong reputation as one of the leading Certified Public Accounting (CPA) and Management Consulting firms in Chennai, India.


Madras Accountancy has been renowned for its efficient, reliable and consistent quality of finance,tax and accounting outsourcing to CPA’s Firms. With a dedicated team of highly skilled & trained professionals at Madras Accountancy, we will provide a better output with efficiency & quality to achieve a higher level of business performance through an effective finance, accounts and payroll service. We are known for outstanding service quality and extensive experience in servicing CPA Firm’s, we can help you meet your client requirements cost-effectively and without having to sacrifice quality for price.


We will provide end to end full-service accounting to CPA firms, from printing organizers to e-filing the return, tax reporting and more.  Our  end-to-end solution helps to keep pace with a business’s ever-changing infrastructure requirements and the changing demands to meet all requirements of the clients by the one stop solution for delivering services in functional form after developing it from beginning to end. Even when dealing with complex services, our end-to-end arrangements are always often cost-effective.


We strive to create a good relationship, trust and long time commitment with our clients. We will work with you to develop long term plans to meet your trading goals so we can grow and improve together. Considering it, we don’t charge  any initial payments from our clients, Our final cost revenue is shared based on the amount that will be billed to the end client and we will have at least 30 days to make the payment and we do not nickel & dime you for using our support with any extra or indirect charges.